Sunday Morning

"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayers." Acts 2:42

This text from Acts describes Church life in the first century.  The early Christian Church turned the world upside down.  It grew dramatically, starting with 120 active followers of Jesus Christ concentrated in the city of Jerusalem, to tens of thousands of Christians spread throughout most of the Roman empire by the end of the century. We try to follow the model of the early Church in our Sunday morning worship service, convinced that it produces passionate, mature disciples of Jesus Christ who both experience and give grace to one another.

When the early Church met, they learned about God and His mission through God's revelation of the coming Christ in the Old Testament and the teaching of the apostles (which is now our New Testament). We believe the Bible is God’s Holy Word, the one place He speaks clearly and directly to His people. As a result, we preach the Bible without apology - both its hard realities as well as its comforting truths. Our preaching seeks to stir the hearts of those who hear toward love for Christ and passionate engagement in His mission on earth.  All of our Sunday services are centered around the preaching of God's Word: we hear and we respond in worship.  At RGC our response takes many forms: singing, sharing our joys and burdens, praying, fellowship, and the Lord's Supper.  

The content of our music focuses on the grace of God as revealed in Jesus Christ. The style of music ranges from traditional to contemporary and varies from Sunday to Sunday. Our worship service dedicates some time for sharing and prayer. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper weekly, convinced that we need a regular reminder of the Lord’s death and resurrection which is portrayed in the “breaking of bread.”

For parents who wish to use it, we provide nursery during the entire service and classes for elementary school-aged children during the sermon time.

Children in grades 1-6 are welcome to participate in our Foundations classes during the sermon portion of our Sunday morning worship service.  The Foundations program is broken up into two classes: 1st-4th grades and 5th-6th grades.  Bible lessons are gospel-focused, age-appropriate and interactive; special attention is given to communicating with our children what it means to have saving faith in Jesus Christ. The teachers in these classes rotate in two-week intervals to allow all adults in our congregation to hear the preached Word on a regular basis.  

We provide a nursery during the entire service for infants through kindergarten aged children.  Infants and toddlers are lovingly cared for, played with, read to, and rocked.  For ages 3 through kindergarten, there is also an age-appropriate Bible lesson and craft time. A snack is provided in each nursery, and food allergies are given particular attention.  Members of our church family take turns providing care for the children, and they consider it a privilege to serve others in this way.  

Our desire for the nursery program is to bless parents by providing an uninterrupted time of worship and hearing of the preached Word.  Children are also welcome to sit with their parents during the service if that is desired.  

A small cry room is located off the foyer and available for the privacy of nursing moms.  There is an audio feed of the worship service piped into that room.

WHEN: Sunday morning worship at Redeeming Grace Church begins at 10am.

WHERE: 164 Ballard Road, Georgia, VT
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