To proclaim the Grace of Jesus Christ that sets sinners free to serve the Living God with wholehearted joy, by...



Jesus Christ is our passion, and we believe the Good News of His life, death, and resurrection is the only hope for rescuing rebels against God and restoring them to life, joy, peace, sanity, and purpose. We are confident that Jesus is the theme of the entire Bible, committed to building all our ministry on His Gospel, and convinced that proclaiming Him is the only way to see sinners brought from death to life.


Changed lives are our vision, and we believe that Grace makes a difference. We are persuaded that the Gospel changes every true believer, making us each hate and forsake our own sin and love our Savior. Christ's Gospel is a model for living, so we work through love to develop each person into a bold, joyful follower of Jesus, who loves others more than self. All the while we seek to show grace, kindness, and forgiveness to other sinners because that is what our Lord has done for us.


We are eager to see Gospel-driven churches planted and revitalized here and abroad. We believe that the command of Jesus to preach the Gospel everywhere applies to us all, and so we seek to engage in life-on-life witness to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. We are committed to giving our time, talents, and treasure so that so that as many as possible may come under the sound of the Gospel. Our local focus is church planting and revitalization in New England; our global focus is primarily people groups who have not yet heard the message of Jesus Christ.