elders-bradAssociate Pastor

Brad was raised by godly parents who modeled for him how good it is to live life devoted to the service of Jesus Christ. While he was growing up, his family lived in New Zealand and Ohio, but finally settled in Vermont. At the age of fifteen, Brad came to repentance and faith in Christ through the proclamation of the gospel at a healthy local church. After college, he returned to Vermont to train for the ministry, earning a Master of Divinity degree remotely at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and studying at the NETS Center for Church Planting and Revitalization. He came to Redeeming Grace Church to serve as associate pastor in June of 2020. Brad is married to his wonderful wife Alyssa, and they have three young children. He especially loves training God’s people in good theology and promoting the work of global missions. Brad enjoys long walks with Alyssa, pushing his kids on the swingset, and studying languages.